Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Latest and greatest

We are going to target the Urban Outfitters of the world. Need to create look book and price sheet. We are going to start with about 6 styles. James may have found a better vendor. We were going to use my sister's printer but since she isn't making any extra money from it, it doesn't make sense to go that route.

Financially we are going to register the company in the next few weeks and open an online business account. This will help us build credit.

BF: 210 Friends on my non-registered site. I found out that if you don't register, you don't get blocked but the catch is that you always have to put in the code to add a friend. More time consuming but at least I know that I won't get deleted that way. The Group has 243 members.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Facebook semi disaster

Well Facebook deleted my alias account. And although they did sort of warn me, I wished that they had given me one last option. At least freeze the account or something. Just like that *poof* and the over 450 I had in there GONE. Luckily I had stared the FB Group under my REAL name and that is still living. We are almost at 200 members.

We are getting soooo close to finishing the logo which is such a key element to our ENTIRE branding. Until that is done, we can't finalize any of the artwork.

I met with Joey Nova who threw a New Years party at Supreme Trading. Which is still the spot that ranks on the top of the list due to the gallery part of the space. We went to Public Assembly after a few glasses of wine where he DJs on Monday nights amongst his MANY, MANY projects. I believe that he will make a great "partner" in anything I include him in.

Also, just on a random note. I keep seeing the "signs" everywhere. Maybe it's just my "latiness" premonitions but I feel strongly that this is something worth doing. More and more it just truly makes sense. Crossing fingers :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The momentum

Considering everything that is going on in these economic times, I believe people will be into what we are doing. It's not just a product based project and hope that the expansion into events that showcase the talent of NYC is a movement of positive nature. To enjoy the simple things in life and promote those happy little feelings that arrive and make you smile (and maybe they just happen on the dance floor, so be it.)

PRODUCT: We received rough estimates for products and finalizing art and logo (of which has gone through three people's hands now and is very close to done.)

Speaking of finance...Looking into setting up company and bank accounts (checking, pay-pal) Some stuff also Depends if we do Sole Propietor or LL Partnership.

FB: Up to 170 M&Co. Members. LALIS has 436 friends. I heart Facebook.

Monday, October 13, 2008


PRODUCT: I scanned the art and figuring out what I want to do with it. T-shirts for sure. I have my sister looking up some stuff as she is a print broker.

EVENT: Possible launch sites include M15 Lounge in the city or Supreme Trading. Although there are a few others to consider. Oh and on FB Group news 140 Members and each and everyone is Maaaarvelous!!!

GOODIES: Customizable Marvelous buttons.

FUTURE IDEAS: magazine, highlighting people in NY (Mr.Mass Appeal and Mrs.Missbehave)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

101 Reasons why we are Marvelous

As this morning, we had 101 people on our M&C FB Group. This is without any real events or anything to sell.

We've been posting links to our, check it

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Jonanonymous and I had a great brainstorm session where we outlined many of the elements, goals and phone calls that we have to take care of.

We have drafted a plan to launch in January and have created a "store" on cafepress:

Also, we already have 67 members on the M&C FB Group and 109 friends on my LALIS alias.

The Marvelous Magic of Facebook

It has started... I found the first person that joined M&C FB Group without me having to invite them. Thanks Alison Kane!

Facebook and Beyond

So now that I've created the LALIS alias, I can add many more people and keep my personal account safely "private". We have over 40 members on our M&C Group. Mostly promoters, venues and people that like to party.

Also, scouting the promoter worlds and found this Adam Glove dude that I might start working with as a promoter. Apparently, every Sunday, they send out a schedule. You pick the nights that you want to promote and show up at the venue. I haven't seen the schedule yet but might start on a Friday night to see what happens and how it works.

Today, we are going to set some type of schedule for our kick off event and start setting up some goals and milestones. I am thinking a January date. Considering that is the Aquarian month ;)