Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back with FULL FORCE

So party people, our event is around the corner and although we lost Mobius Collective, we gained Guaco which is a DOPE band. We had some snags but for the most part we are just taking it all in stride. Nothing is really end of the world if the party goes on with great music and maybe someone sells a painting or two. We are very excited to have the entire space renovated and look forward to forging great friendships and business relationships out of this. Heck, and I have a feeling that a few people might get laid that night. wink, wink. See you on Saturday and don't let the Easter Bunny stop you from attending this amazing event.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A bump in the road...

M&C presents STIMULUS is postponed until April 11th. It's going to be even more Marvelous

Monday, March 2, 2009

M&C Launch Party

We are ready to launch with our first event.

Things are developing every minute but here is the latest.


Supporting Kids Creative, a nonprofit organization that offers arts-based programs for Pre-K to High School students.

Hey party people. We are ready to kick this off Mash-up style. So bring out those tiaras, bowties, sequins, fishnets, suits, tuxedos, lapels, ties, heels, fancy hats, big updos or your dopest jeans and hoodie combo! Make it a Marvelous night by inviting all your friends to participate in this debauchery.

A night of Marvelous art, music and performances in an amazing loft space in Chinatown/Little Italy area at 425 Broadway (between Canal and Howard Sts, 5th floor)



Thursday, February 5, 2009


We received our Bizz cards and our site is live. Our venue hasn't been confirmed and it's time to get that solidified. Supreme Trading hasn't been responding and even though that is our first choice, we are looking into two other venues as alternatives.

We are going to have available some of our shirts and the biggie organic bags for purchase at the launch but will have catalogs available to distribute and send people to our site for ordering. The site will be live capable of taking orders (somehow).

For now, things are Marvelous!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Registered site

So it's officially live on the world wide web. Check it out here.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

When you order business cards...

So the BCs are bring printed and we are going to build the website this weekend.

I went to the Friends We Love party last night where it looked like our own mission is more and more a possibility. People love the live music, art (although there wasn't much there for some reason) and video (which is their specialty). The door was a little confusing but ultimately there was a good vibe. Even ran into some Pratt brats there, so you know the communities are crossing.

Jonanonymous is having another show at Sip Lounge in UWS on February 14-March 14, so we will be able to have some stuff to show by then although it's really more an event for his art. But at least we will have BCs.

I think the social networking aspect of this campaign is really going to help. Now with 1300 FB friends it will be much easier to get the word out. Other methods of promotion will include going.com, flavorpill submission, brooklynvegan, amongst other media distribution sources and word of mouth.

In terms of the event, we also in talks with one of the Bembe djs that came to my birthday party. She lives at the Little Red Schoolhouse with her bf and will be a good collaboration. Also, last night a friend from college agreed to be one of the photographers. People are excited to get involved and we will be calling in alot of favors. But all we need is the first one under our belt to REALLY kick this off. 2009 is looking like a great and optimistic year for us.