Wednesday, November 12, 2008

on our marvelous way...

Now that we have selected the first round of products, finalizing art and found great vendors... we are on our way to launching this by xmas time.

Hoping to expand early next year and might have more products developed by then to go into market via other retailers.

oh and I found out the secret to not getting kicked off Facebook. Don't register your account with a cell phone. The annoying thing is that they make you put in one of those codes EVERY TIME you want to add someone. They are rather amusing combination of words so I started saving them. Not sure how to use them yet but maybe they inspire artwork names. Inspiration comes in all forms ;) Oh and we are over 300 members on our FB Group page. By the time we roll this out, we will have a great network of people to advertise to.

Thinking of starting a contest. Have people vote for their most Marvelous friend and they can win a prize package which will be announced at our kick off. People love that stuff. Voting is always an interesting way to find out what people think too.

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