Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Facebook semi disaster

Well Facebook deleted my alias account. And although they did sort of warn me, I wished that they had given me one last option. At least freeze the account or something. Just like that *poof* and the over 450 I had in there GONE. Luckily I had stared the FB Group under my REAL name and that is still living. We are almost at 200 members.

We are getting soooo close to finishing the logo which is such a key element to our ENTIRE branding. Until that is done, we can't finalize any of the artwork.

I met with Joey Nova who threw a New Years party at Supreme Trading. Which is still the spot that ranks on the top of the list due to the gallery part of the space. We went to Public Assembly after a few glasses of wine where he DJs on Monday nights amongst his MANY, MANY projects. I believe that he will make a great "partner" in anything I include him in.

Also, just on a random note. I keep seeing the "signs" everywhere. Maybe it's just my "latiness" premonitions but I feel strongly that this is something worth doing. More and more it just truly makes sense. Crossing fingers :)

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