Sunday, October 19, 2008

The momentum

Considering everything that is going on in these economic times, I believe people will be into what we are doing. It's not just a product based project and hope that the expansion into events that showcase the talent of NYC is a movement of positive nature. To enjoy the simple things in life and promote those happy little feelings that arrive and make you smile (and maybe they just happen on the dance floor, so be it.)

PRODUCT: We received rough estimates for products and finalizing art and logo (of which has gone through three people's hands now and is very close to done.)

Speaking of finance...Looking into setting up company and bank accounts (checking, pay-pal) Some stuff also Depends if we do Sole Propietor or LL Partnership.

FB: Up to 170 M&Co. Members. LALIS has 436 friends. I heart Facebook.

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